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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

best of 2007

so i had this idea that until the end of 2007, i would blog about the highlights of the year. and, of course, i am sure it will be sprinkled with low lights as well. i mean, i am who i am. and that is not positive. and not hiv positive either, thank you very much.

my first highlight: best albums of 2007. i am back in to music. i think it's my job--everyone here is a music snob. and i love it. here we go. this is no order, just the order i think of them.

1. spoon "ga ga ga ga ga"
have you heard "the underdog" yet? if not, you need to. i don't care what kind of music you like, you will love this song. i feel like it's an updated bruce springsteen and i hate the boss. seriously. this band is too good. we saw them live and loved it. i even made the wife a fan. she said she listened to this song back to back for a while one day.

2. vampire weekend "mansard roof"
this is only a single, and i only have four of their songs (that is all that is available right now), but this is really good stuff. spin called them "preppy rock" which is what led me to them. isn't that really embarrassing? the lp comes out in 2008 i think. i will buy it for sure. the name of the band is really horrible, i know. but check it out:

3. mark ronson "version"
yes, the r&b cover of the smiths "stop me if you think you've heard this one before" was what drew me in. it's not really a favorite of mine, because i don't feel like the singer is good. and no one will top moz. but the other tracks are really, really good. i mean, who doesn't want to hear a jazzed up version of radiohead sung by phantom planet? or would a remake of britney spears' "toxic" with odb (rest in peace) screaming "ooooh n---a i'm burnin' up!" make you happy? it makes me very happy. it's hilarious. and the music is good. also the amy winehouse and lily allen tracks are better than the songs on their own albums. on that note...

4. lily allen "alright still" and amy winehouse "back to black"
i am lumping these two together, because i feel like they should be together. and mark ronson produced both albums. you all know amy winehouse or "wino" because she is a creepy crackhead, but the girl can sing. and lily allen is just a pop singer who covers the specials on her album. it's good times. we saw lily allen this year too. she was so-so. i wouldn't pay to see amy winehouse. she wouldn't show up.

this is all i can write right now. i will come back to this list. and some more best of 2007 stuff.


Anonymous Alice said...

How about that I don't even care about the topic but read every word b/c you actually wrote about something!

You is funny. Now get over yourself real fast and write more often.


7:55 AM  

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