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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

almost ready

so it should only be a few days now until we bring home baby.

and through all the drama of the house and the mess, we ended up getting the room (almost) done. believe it or not, it's painted, blinds are in, crib is in, shelf is hung, closet is organized, and emily is really happy.

we only came across a few snags:
1. the crib company needs to send us a new piece, because it was defective.
2. one of the blinds is messed up, so we need to call blinds to go to get a new one.
3. the birdie decal i ordered on etsy came, but it's destroyed. they're sending a new one.

so, nothing major. oh, and i got crazy glue ALL over my fingers, haha! emily did too. we're stuck. not really, but i can not feel my fingertips as i type...

so here are some pictures of what we've done with the place:

new chair, table, lamp and blinds. i foresee many late nights in this spot.

dresser. i put new pulls on. i am working on the top 4. i am trying a trick by spray painting the old gold bases pink. we'll see how that works out. i hung t his ikea shelf too. oh and that is a changing pad on top of the dresser. i foresee lots of poo in this spot.

back of the door. some toys. not exciting sorry.

this diva got a full closet already, hayyyy!
and this is the crib...not fully together, and we have 2 pictures to hang above it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby's room is painted

Emily is really happy. So am I...less work to do when she gets here!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Still no baby!!

This is Emily getting a "non stress test" to make sure baby is okay. They record the heartbeat for 30 minutes. So far so good!

Send us good baby vibes! We need to have her before Thursday, which is when they plan to induce labor.

PS-that is a decaf starbucks

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Should I paint?

This is our dining room spot. I am calling it a "spot" because it's small. It is very minimal. I want to build shelves along the wall and maybe paint a "bold" color on that wall. What color should I paint?

Get all DYI on me and check it out. Color suggestions are welcomed.

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Lunch with my girl(s)

Since Em is done working, she's been meeting me for lunch! Today we went to Johnny Brenda's.

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still waiting...

baby was due on saturday.

she is still not here. she's now 2 days overdue. emily's next appointment is on friday. there is no plan for inducing just yet.

i am convinced that she is not coming out until her room is ready. it's like she knows or something? lucky for us, we have a friend who is in construction, and he's coming over tonight with a coworker to rip out the ceiling and replace the insulation and drywall. pretty awesome. they think they'll be done on tuesday. then, all i need to do is paint the room and move everything in. easy!

all i know is that i have been waiting on women my whole life, so this comes as no surprise.

i will be happy if i have all the time to do this before she comes. if not, i will still be really happy.

Friday, October 10, 2008


tomorrow is october 11.

tomorrow is our due date. and we are SO excited. and anxious. and wondering when it will happen. will it be in the morning? at night? next week? this weekend? today...? emily is done working and is coming to meet me for lunch today. we're getting as much time in now as possible, because if one more person tells me it all ends when the baby is born, i might explode.

yeah, i know we won't have as much "freedom to do what we want", but we are still going to do things! it's not like we can't take the baby anywhere. and it's not like we won't. little does baby know, but she's taking her first trip to connecticut over the holidays. she's going to love it there.

anyway, wish us luck. i am not sure if i will post again before our little nugget is born. i just can't wait to meet her!

oh and you can see below, i can now post pictures via the iphone again. but i need to take the picture within the app to make sure it works. this is why i used a photo of a seat on the bus. i was very tempted to take a picture of myself with the asian woman next to me. anywa...that means baby will go straight to blog. haha. i am sure all of you family members are happy.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


so, i have been posting, or trying to post, photos since sept 17. i just realized that they have not been posting. i am trying to figure that out. you didn't miss too much, really. photos were of:

-huge church carnival in south philly.
-jenny lewis concert
-random pictures of us while waiting for a movie

and maybe some other stuff? so now i am back to the old fashioned way of blogging. ha. so much for shozu. seriously, though, blogger needs an app for iphone. google should be on that already.

not much else to report. aside from the fact that baby is due in 3 days!

i am sure there will be a blog shortage after that happens. nothing new. but i may post a photo or two of our baby bird.

wish us luck!

i love these songs. you should too.

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